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40 million Americans suffer from (30% of the population) seasonal allergies

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Signs of allergy: Itchy eyes, throat, ears, skin Nasal congestion, blockage Nonstop sneezing can be seasonal Cough Fatigue-caused by poor sleep from nasal and sinus issues Presenteeism-attending work while unhealthy Cause of spring allergy: Tree pollen (alder, cedar, birch)- pollen is Light can travel for over 30-60 miles Immune system…
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Associations between food and other allergies, cross-reactions

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Allergies are caused by reactions of the body’s immune system to a wide variety of sources. These include animal products, mites, moulds, latex, pollen, medicines, plants, venom as well as food. Most of the non-food related allergies can be accompanied by reactions in the mouth or the gastrointestinal tract. The…
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