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Our Philosophy

"The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease." – William Osler


It's Personal

We personalize your treatments, hoping to become your partners in care, by identifying individual needs and concerns. We empower through education and support.


Family Allergy
Asthma, Immunology, & Sinus Center

Where We Care For You Like Family

Our Mission Statement

As a Board-certified Allergist & Immunologist, we strive to get to know and treat the entire family. Since 2007, we have been providing a full range of allergy services, offering HIPAA-compliant electronic medical records, patient portals, and electronic prescriptions to enhance the quality of your care.

Our Services

  • Allergy Skin Testing for environmental factors (pollen/mold/animals/dust)
  • Immunotherapy (Allergy Shots, Tablets)
  • Pulmonary Function Testing: diagnose lung disease, Asthma & COPD
  • Food testing and oral Challenges
  • Eczema, skin disease, and Urticaria (Hives)
  • Antibiotic, Anesthetic , Aspirin , and drug allergy testing
  • Stinging Insect Testing
  • Exercise Challenge- sports induced asthma
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Our Location

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Gateway Medical Building

Family Allergy, Asthma, Immunology & Sinus Center P.C.
15725 Pomerado Rd. Suite #218
Poway, CA  92064

P: (858) 521-0806
F: (858) 521-0808

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What Our Clients Say

Go see Dr. Zarei, this was a game/life changer for me. Bless your beautiful heart Dr.
Maryam for caring and understanding my concerns. I cried to her and if I can give a million
Stars to said how wonderful to NOT to have to worry about my urticaria and to said how
terrific Dr. Zarei is. I would give her a million Stars rating!!!! Thank you so much!!!

Dr. Padideh S.

Phenomenal team that makes you feel like you are the only patient. Dr. Zarei is also the
best in the business. She has resolved so many issues for me and is now doing the same
for my kids. Dr. Zarei and her team get "6" stars in my book!

Virinchi DuvvuriSan Marcos, CA

Dr Zarei is very caring, kind, and a very good physician. She takes a detailed history, and takes into account my other current issues. She will follow up, and is very proactive about taking care of you as a person and not just the disease. Will be a patient of hers forever. Her assistant Nerin is amazing as well.


I had cough for a long time. I visited her office once and that’s all it was. I was fine. Excellent doctor, very caring, and more.


Dr. Zarei has been my allergy doctor for the past several years. I had have eczema my entire life and didn’t think it would ever be fixed. I have seen many doctors before and only Dr. Zarei was able to clear up my skin for the long term. Not only did she try different medications, she worked with me on my diet, reducing the allergens being exposed, and other actions I can take to reduce the flare ups. She spent the time to do thorough analysis and explain to me what I needed to do and the reasons why. I believe all these items helped and were needed for me to be successful. Thanks to Dr. Zarei’s excellent care I no longer have to suffer from my eczema.

Jason C.

Truly an amazing woman and staff. Holistic approach was appreciated! Kid friendly office which was a bonus for me! Would highly recommend-she will help you figure out what is going on with your body.

The Succulent Source

Very personable doctor and staff. Each of her staff are well-trained and go the extra step to provide patients with a well-informed appointment. Naren will work with you to find the correct lab that is covered by your insurance. In-house tests are given by staff who demonstrate and make you feel comfortable. Plus, appointments and your records are made on very current record-keeping by today's technology.

Anya Villanueva

Dr. Zarei saved my life numerous times over the years. She remembers my detailed health
history. She and her staff are very efficient, caring, and well-trained. She has gone to the
source of my problems both in and out of her areas of expertise.

Pam J.San Diego, CA
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