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The soul of our practice is our families

November 01, 2007- We started our practice.

I had a dream of taking care of patients under my roof.  I had been working for 6 years after Fellowship training, for 2 wonderful Allergy practices in town, had formed my own family of 4, and was finally ready to make the jump to my own Private Practice.

13 years went by in a flash.  We grew each year, and most recently expanded by moving to our new location.

2020 has been challenging, but thanks to our families at home and work, we continue to provide individualized care, both in the office and via Telehealth.

I am often asked how many Covid infected Patients we have had, and how are they doing.  So I want to dedicate this blog to one of my exceptional families.

As a doctor, I am always searching for the secret sauce.  Why is it that one person fully recovers from a disease, while another person falls?

I am still searching, but so far what tops the list are the following;

1. Attitude- optimists generally do so much better. They recover faster, they attract a team that roots for them, they even manage to cheerlead their immune systems into optimal recovery

2. life purpose- They wake up with a passion.  Even If retired they have their days planned.  Some take a bus at age 80, go to the grocery store, then they come In for their visits because “its all on the bus route”.  Some wake up at 5:00 am to feed their cows, take care of their farm, before coming in. Others are so busy taking care of their growing families and careers, that they come in exhausted, because they end up being at the bottom of the totem pole.
I see you!  I will be your ally, to get you back higher on that list of priorities.

3. Diet/genetics- After 20 years of taking care of patients, I see who fares well, and there is no secret, the answer often is at the end of your Fork, but it is also other things.  I do believe the more plants you eat, and the less animal products and  processed foods the better off one is.  But there is a Factor X.  Recently I saw a sweet husband and wife, they both contracted Covid 19, both over age 65, and High risk.  The wife was a Vegan over 40 years, the husband was an Omnivore. They may not have agreed on how they should eat, but they were the most kind, positive 2 individuals I have met.  Great news is they both did well. No ICU, not even hospitalization.  So was it their attitude, diet, or did they just get lucky?

So on this day, as I look back at our mission,  I hope whatever life brings in 2020/21, my team and I, will be able to take care of you like family, and pass on the knowledge and expertise at every point of care.


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