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How Do You Treat & Prevent Allergies?

Chronic allergy-mediated inflammation and associated infections are thought to cause ongoing mucosal damage and in case of asthma, possible lung remodeling.

A number of studies indicate that early treatment of allergy can change the course of disease progression.
Clinical intervention seems to be most effective if the treatments are initiated before the age of six, increasing the importance of early diagnostic testing.

Goals of Treatment:

  • Identify causation. Use skin testing, blood tests (RAST, CAP FEIA), breathing tests, food challenges, Exercise challenges in addition to the history to come up with a reasonable theory for the cause of the disease
  • Prevent, or eliminate ongoing exposure
  • Use Medication when and only if needed, considering cost and side effect profile, along with interaction with other medication
  • Use long term therapy, such as Allergy vaccines to change the immune system when possible
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